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Poster panels for conferences and exhibitions

Boothbuilder A-Booth exhibition services also provides poster panels.

Poster panels are an ideal and extremely solid addition to any position or location. The eye-catching mobile panels are ideal for communicating your message through posters, photographs, slides and other presentation tools exhibitors. The panels are carried out at eye level also highly suitable as a standalone presentation system in the most diverse areas.

Poster panels can be placed both portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal). Freestanding or linked arrangements are possible. On the adhesive with blue velvet panels is carried out in the application of presentations very simple and easy to carry out by use of push-pins or Velcro.

There is also the possibility of custom poster panels. The panels are hereby provided with a single-sided or two-sided full-color print, after which they are placed in the system.

Installation by our skilled technicians

The poster panels are of high quality, are placed and removed by skilled technicians who are often familiar with the locations.

A-Booth Exhibition Services translate your needs and present your projects in a clear, simple and affordable way. Meet the strength of our poster panels. Ask for the possibilities and a specified quote for your project.